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Mean blood pressure assessment during post-exercise: Result from two different methods of calculation 1-gen-2016 Sainas, Gianmarco; Milia, Raffaele; Palazzolo, Girolamo; Ibba, Gianfranco; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Roberto, Silvana; Pinna, Virginia; Ghiani, GIOVANNA MARIA; Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE AND MEDICINE -
A 12-week vigorous exercise protocol in a healthy group of persons over 65: study of physical function by means of the senior fitness test 1-gen-2016 Todde, F; Melis, Franco; Mura, R; Pau, Massimiliano; Fois, Francesco; Magnani, Sara; Ibba, Gianfranco; Crisafulli, Antonio; Tocco, Filippo BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL -
Relationship between static and dynamic balance abilities in Italian professional and youth league soccer players 1-gen-2015 Pau, Massimiliano; Arippa, F.; Leban, Bruno; Corona, Federica; Ibba, Gianfranco; Todde, F.; Scorcu, M. PHYSICAL THERAPY IN SPORT -
Sprint vs. intermittent training young female basketball players 1-gen-2014 Attene, G; Pizzolato, F; Calcagno, G; Ibba, Gianfranco; Pinna, M; Salernitano, G; Padulo, J. THE JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS -
Uphill sprint vs. intermittent running in young soccer players: acute physiological responses 1-gen-2014 Ibba, Gianfranco; Pizzolato, F; Di Michele, R; Scorcu, M; Attene, G; Paradisis, G; Anon, P; Chamari, K. SPORT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH (ONLINE) -
Fatigue-Induced Balance Impairment in Young Soccer Players 1-gen-2014 Pau, Massimiliano; Ibba, Gianfranco; Attene, G. JOURNAL OF ATHLETIC TRAINING -
The Acute Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Repeated Shuttle-Running in Young Soccer Players 1-gen-2013 Padulo, J; Di Giminiani, R; Ibba, Gianfranco; Zarrouk, N; Moalla, W; Attene, G; Migliaccio G., M; Pizzolato, F; Bishop, D; Chamari, K. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE -
Indexes of physical capacity and repeated sprint ability of young soccer players 1-gen-2013 Angius, L; Olla, S; Piras, F; Mura, R; Ibba, Gianfranco; Todde, F; Cominu, M; Pinna, M; Tocco, Filippo; Concu, A; Crisafulli, Antonio SPORT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH -
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