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Breathing New Life into Historical Instruments. How to Monitor Corrosion 1-gen-2023 Elsener, Bernhard; Lombardo, Tiziana; Cocco, Federica; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Woehrle, Marie; Rossi, Antonella - Argus
How Surface Analysis Can Contribute to an Understanding of the Preventive Conservation of Brass Instruments 1-gen-2023 Cocco, Federica; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Elsener, Bernhard; Rossi, Antonella - Argus
Durability-based design: the European perspective 1-gen-2023 Geiker, M. R.; Hendriks, M. A. N.; Elsener, B SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT INFRASTRUCTURE -
The effect of the saliva composition on brass corrosion 1-gen-2023 Biggio, Deborah; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Elsener, Bernhard; Atzei, Davide; Rossi, Antonella MATERIALS AND CORROSION -
Prevention of corrosion in post-tensioned structures: electrically isolated tendons 1-gen-2022 Elsener, Bernhard CORROSION AND MATERIALS DEGRADATION -
Spectroscopic evidence for clarifying the mechanism of toxic element removal by marble waste 1-gen-2022 Fiorito, E.; Fantauzzi, M.; Brundu, L.; Atzei, D.; Elsener, B.; Rossi, A. VACUUM -
Stainless Steels as Sustainable Solution for Concrete Reinforcement - From Laboratory to Practice 1-gen-2022 Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Rossi, Antonella - Trans Tech Publications
The role of organic compounds in artificial saliva for corrosion studies: evidence from XPS analyses 1-gen-2022 Biggio, Deborah; Fantauzzi, M.; Elsener, B.; Rossi, A. SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS -
Calcium carbonate as sorbent for lead removal from wastewaters 1-gen-2022 Fiorito, Elio; Porcedda, Giovanni E.; Brundu, Laura; Passiu, Cristiana; Atzei, Davide; Ennas, Guido; Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Rossi, Antonella CHEMOSPHERE -
Post-tensioned tendons: problems, inspection, solutions = Cavi di precompressione post-tesi. Problemi, ispezione, soluzioni 1-gen-2021 Elsener, Bernhard STRUCTURAL -
Chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in cracked concrete: the influence of time of wetness on corrosion propagation 1-gen-2021 Boschmann, Carolina; Angst, Ueli; Ebel, Gino; Elsener, Bernhard CORROSION ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY -
Stainless steels: passive film composition, pitting potentials and critical chloride content in concrete 1-gen-2020 Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Rossi, Antonella MATERIALS AND CORROSION -
Model Protective Films on Cu-Zn Alloys Simulating the Inner Surfaces of Historical Brass Wind Instruments by EIS and XPS 1-gen-2020 Rossi, Antonella; Cocco, Federica; Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Passiu, Cristiana FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY -
A setup for electrochemical corrosion testing at elevated temperature and pressure 1-gen-2020 Vallejo Vitallera, Ana; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, Bernhard MEASUREMENT -
Critical Analysis of Experiments on Reinforcing Bar Corrosion in Cracked Concrete 1-gen-2020 Käthler, Carolina Boschmann; Angst, Ueli M.; Hornbostel, Karla; Elsener, Bernhard ACI MATERIALS JOURNAL -
Preliminary Results on Corrosion Rate in Carbonated LC3 Concrete 1-gen-2020 Cabrera, Elizabeth; Alujas, Adrián; Elsener, Bernhard; Fernando Martirena-Hernandez, Jose - Springer Nature
Laboratory tests simulating corrosion in geothermal power plants: influence of service conditions 1-gen-2020 Vallejo Vitaller, Ana; Angst, Ueli M.; Elsener, Bernhard GEOTHERMAL ENERGY -
The mechanism controlling corrosion of steel in carbonated cementitious materials in wetting and drying exposure   1-gen-2020 Stefanoni, Matteo; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, Bernhard CEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES -
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair second edition in chinese language 1-gen-2019 Bertolini, Luca; Elsener, Bernhard; Pedeferri, Pietro; Redaelli, Elena; Polder, Rob - China Science Publishing & Media Ltd (Science Press)
Analysis of corrosion with electrochemical techniques applied to geothermal power plants in Switzerland 1-gen-2019 Vallejo Vitaller, Ana; Angst, Ueli M.; Elsener, Bernhard - European Corrosion Congress
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