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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Synthetic Data for Video Surveillance Applications of Computer Vision: A Review 1-gen-2024 Delussu, Rita; Putzu, Lorenzo; Fumera, Giorgio INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER VISION -
Human-in-the-Loop Person Re-Identification as a Defence Against Adversarial Attacks 1-gen-2024 Delussu, Rita; Putzu, Lorenzo; Ledda, Emanuele; Fumera, Giorgio - Springer
BLUES: Before-reLU-EStimates Bayesian Inference for Crowd Counting 1-gen-2023 Ledda, E.; Delussu, R.; Putzu, L.; Fumera, G.; Roli, F. - -
Specialise to Generalise: The Person Re-identification Case 1-gen-2023 Putzu, L.; Loddo, A.; Delussu, R.; Fumera, G. - -
Human-in-the-loop cross-domain person re-identification 1-gen-2023 Delussu, R.; Putzu, L.; Fumera, G. EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS -
On The Potential of Image Moments for Medical Diagnosis 1-gen-2023 Di Ruberto, C.; Loddo, A.; Putzu, L. JOURNAL OF IMAGING -
Special Issue on Image Processing Techniques for Biomedical Applications 1-gen-2022 Di Ruberto, C.; Loddo, A.; Putzu, L. APPLIED SCIENCES -
On the Effectiveness of Synthetic Data Sets for Training Person Re-identification Models 1-gen-2022 Delussu, R; Putzu, L; Fumera, G - IEEE
On the Evaluation of Video-Based Crowd Counting Models 1-gen-2022 Ledda, E.; Putzu, L.; Delussu, R.; Fumera, G.; Roli, F. - -
On the Reliability of CNNs in Clinical Practice: A Computer-Aided Diagnosis System Case Study 1-gen-2022 Loddo, Andrea; Putzu, Lorenzo APPLIED SCIENCES -
Scene-specific crowd counting using synthetic training images 1-gen-2022 Delussu, R.; Putzu, L.; Fumera, G. PATTERN RECOGNITION -
How Realistic Should Synthetic Images Be for Training Crowd Counting Models? 1-gen-2021 Ledda, E.; Putzu, L.; Delussu, R.; Loddo, A.; Fumera, G. - -
Online domain adaptation for person Re-identification with a human in the loop 1-gen-2021 Delussu, R.; Putzu, L.; Fumera, G.; Roli, F. - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Automatic Myelofibrosis Grading from Silver-Stained Images 1-gen-2021 Putzu, L.; Untesco, M.; Fumera, G. - -
Invariant Moments, Textural and Deep Features for Diagnostic MR and CT Image Retrieval 1-gen-2021 Putzu, L.; Loddo, A.; Di Ruberto, C. - Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
On the Effectiveness of Leukocytes Classification Methods in a Real Application Scenario 1-gen-2021 Loddo, Andrea; Putzu, Lorenzo AI -
Detection of red and white blood cells from microscopic blood images using a region proposal approach 1-gen-2020 Di Ruberto, C.; Loddo, A.; Putzu, L. COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE -
An Empirical Evaluation of Cross-scene Crowd Counting Performance 1-gen-2020 Fumera, Giorgio; Putzu, Lorenzo; Delussu, Rita - SciTePress
An empirical evaluation of nuclei segmentation from H&E images in a real application scenario 1-gen-2020 Putzu, L.; Fumera, G. APPLIED SCIENCES -
Convolutional neural networks for relevance feedback in content based image retrieval: a content based image retrieval system that exploits convolutional neural networks both for feature extraction and for relevance feedback 1-gen-2020 Putzu, Lorenzo; Piras, Luca; Giacinto, Giorgio MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS -
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