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A 12-week vigorous exercise protocol in a healthy group of persons over 65: study of physical function by means of the senior fitness test 1-gen-2016 Todde, F; Melis, Franco; Mura, R; Pau, Massimiliano; Fois, Francesco; Magnani, Sara; Ibba, Gianfranco; Crisafulli, Antonio; Tocco, Filippo BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL -
Nervous facilitation in cardiodynamic response of exercising athletes to superimposed mental tasks: implications in depressive disorder 1-gen-2015 Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio; Milia, Raffaele; Marongiu, Elisabetta; Mura, Roberto; Roberto, Silvana; Concu, D; Melis, S; Velluzzi, F; Loviselli, Andrea; Concu, Alberto; Melis, Franco CLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH -
Heart rate unreliability during interval training recovery in middle distance runners 1-gen-2015 Tocco, Filippo; Sanna, Irene; Mulliri, Gabriele; Magnani, Sara; Todde, Francesco; Mura, Roberto; Ghiani, GIOVANNA MARIA; Concu, Alberto; Melis, Franco; Crisafulli, Antonio JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE AND MEDICINE -
Cardiovascular adjustments in breath-hold diving: comparison between divers and non-divers in simulated dynamic apnoea 1-gen-2012 Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Porru, Cristina; Pittau, G; Milia, Raffaele; Concu, Alberto EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY -
HEMODYNAMIC RESPONSES TO METABOREFLEX ACTIVATION IN SPINAL CORD-INJURED HUMANS 1-gen-2009 Concu, Alberto; Crisafulli, Antonio; Milia, Raffaele; Vitelli, Stefano; Tocco, Filippo; Melis, Franco; Marongiu, Elisabetta JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES -
Haemodynamic effect of metaboreflex activation in men after running above and below the velocity of the anaerobic threshold 1-gen-2008 Crisafulli, Antonio; Milia, Raffaele; Tocco, Filippo; Melis, Franco EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY -
Impaired central hemodynamic response and exaggerated vasoconstriction during muscle metaboreflex activation in heart failure patients 1-gen-2007 Crisafulli, Antonio; Salis, E; Tocco, Filippo; Melis, Franco; Milia, Raffaele; Pittau, G; Caria, Ma; Solinas, R; Meloni, Luigi; Pagliaro, P; Concu, A. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY -
Estimating stroke volume from oxygen pulse during exercise 1-gen-2007 Crisafulli, Antonio; Piras, Francesco; Chiappori, Paolo; Vitelli, Stefano; Caria, Marcello A.; Lobina, Andrea; Milia, Raffaele; Tocco, Filippo; Concu, Alberto; Melis, Franco PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT -
Delayed preconditioning-mimetic actions of exercise or nitroglycerin do not affect haemodynamics and exercise performance in trained or sedentary individuals 1-gen-2007 Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Tocco, Filippo; Pittau, G; Lorrai, L; Gori, T; Mancardi, D; Concu, A; Pagliaro, P. JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES -
Exercise capacity and cardiovascular changes in patients with beta-thalassaemia major 1-gen-2006 Tocco, Filippo; Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Loviselli, Andrea; Lai, C; Concu, A. CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY AND FUNCTIONAL IMAGING -
Modulation of cardiac contractility by muscle metaboreflex following efforts of different intensities in humans 1-gen-2006 Crisafulli, Antonio; Salis, E; Pittau, G; Lorrai, L; Tocco, Filippo; Melis, Franco; Pagliaro, P; Concu, A. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY -
Poor reliability of heart rate monitoring to assess oxygen uptake during field training 1-gen-2006 Crisafulli, Antonio; Pittau, G; Lorrai, L; Carcassi, Am; Cominu, M; Tocco, Filippo; Melis, Franco; Concu, A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE -
Effect of differences in post-exercise lactate accumulation in athletes' haemodynamics 1-gen-2006 Crisafulli, Antonio; Tocco, Filippo; Pittau, G; Lorrai, L; Porru, C; Salis, E; Pagliaro, P; Melis, Franco; Concu, A. APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY, NUTRITION AND METABOLISM -
Detection of lactate threshold by including haemodynamic and oxygen extraction data 1-gen-2006 Crisafulli, Antonio; Tocco, Filippo; Pittau, G; Caria, M; Lorrai, L; Melis, Franco; Concu, A. PHYSIOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT -
Exercise-induced and nitroglycerin-induced myocardial preconditioning improves hemodynamics in patients with angina 1-gen-2004 Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Tocco, Filippo; Santoboni, U; Lai, C; ANGIOY G., LORRAI L; Pittau, G; Concu, A; Pagliaro, P. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY -
Haemodynamic responses following intermittent supramaximal exercise in athletes 1-gen-2004 Crisafulli, Antonio; Carta, C; Melis, Franco; Tocco, Filippo; Frongia, F; Santoboni, Um; Pagliaro, P; Concu, A. EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY -
Hemodynamics during active and passive recovery from a single bout of supramaximal exercise 1-gen-2003 Crisafulli, Antonio; Orrù, V; Melis, Franco; Tocco, Filippo; Concu, A. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY -
Does reduction of blood prolactin levels reveal the activation of central dopaminergic pathways conveying reward in top athletes? 1-gen-2003 Melis, Franco; Crisafulli, Antonio; Rocchitta, A; Tocco, Filippo; Concu, A. MEDICAL HYPOTHESES -
External mechanical work versus oxidative energy consumption ratio during a basketball field test 1-gen-2002 Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Tocco, Filippo; Laconi, P; Lai, C; Concu, A. JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE AND PHYSICAL FITNESS -
Haemodynamics during a complete exercise induced atrioventricular block 1-gen-2002 Crisafulli, Antonio; Melis, Franco; Lai, Ac; Orrù, V; Lai, C; Concu, A. BRITISH JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE -
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