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A fully-discrete-state kinetic theory approach to traffic flow on road networks 1-gen-2015 Fermo, Luisa; Tosin, A. MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND METHODS IN APPLIED SCIENCES -
Fundamental diagrams for kinetic equations of traffic flow 1-gen-2014 Fermo, Luisa; Tosin, Andrea DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS. SERIES S -
Emerging problems in approximation theory for the numerical solution of the nonlinear Schroedinger equation 1-gen-2014 Fermo, Luisa; VAN DER MEE, CORNELIS VICTOR MARIA; Seatzu, S. PUBLICATIONS DE L'INSTITUT MATHEMATIQUE -
Parameter estimation of monomial-exponential sums 1-gen-2014 Fermo, Luisa; VAN DER MEE, CORNELIS VICTOR MARIA; Seatzu, S. ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS ON NUMERICAL ANALYSIS -
A fully-discrete-state kinetic theory approach to modeling vehicular traffic 1-gen-2013 Fermo, Luisa; Tosin, A. SIAM JOURNAL ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS -
Heterogeneous distribution of mechanical stress in human lung: A mathematical approach to evaluate abnormal remodeling in IPF 1-gen-2013 Carloni, A.; Poletti, V.; Fermo, Luisa; Bellomo, N; Chilosi, M. JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY -
Towards the modeling of vehicular traffic as a complex system: A kinetic theory approach 1-gen-2012 Bellouquid, A.; De Angelis, E; Fermo, Luisa MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND METHODS IN APPLIED SCIENCES -
On a class of integro-differential equations modeling complex systems with nonlinear interactions 1-gen-2012 Arlotti, L.; De Angelis, E.; Fermo, Luisa; Lachowicz, M.; Bellomo, N. APPLIED MATHEMATICS LETTERS -
A quadrature method for Cauchy singular integral equations with singular given functions 1-gen-2011 Fermo, Luisa RIVISTA DI MATEMATICA DELLA UNIVERSITÀ DI PARMA -
On the mathematical theory of living systems II: The interplay between mathematics and system biology 1-gen-2011 Coscia, V.; Fermo, Luisa; Bellomo, N. COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS -
Bifurcation diagrams for the moments of a kinetic type model of keloid-immune system competition 1-gen-2011 Bianca, Carlo; Fermo, Luisa COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS -
Assessment of surgical strategies for addressing keloids: An optimization problem 1-gen-2011 Fermo, Luisa; Bellomo, N; Lumenta, D. B. COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS -
A regularizing parameter for some Fredholm integral equations 1-gen-2010 Fermo, Luisa JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS -
On a positive linear operator on the semiaxis 1-gen-2010 Fermo, Luisa RENDICONTI DEL CIRCOLO MATEMATICO DI PALERMO. SUPPLEMENTO -
Weighted convergence of some positive linear operators on the real semiaxis 1-gen-2010 Fermo, Luisa STUDIA UNIVERSITATIS BABES-BOLYAI. MATHEMATICA -
Numerical methods for Fredholm integral equations with singular right-hand sides 1-gen-2010 Fermo, Luisa; Russo, M. G. ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS -
Embedding theorems for functions with inner singularities 1-gen-2009 Fermo, Luisa ACTA SCIENTIARUM MATHEMATICARUM -
A Nyström method for Fredholm integral equations with right-hand sides having isolated singularities 1-gen-2009 Fermo, Luisa; Russo, Maria Grazia CALCOLO -
A Nyström method for a class of Fredholm integral equations of the third kind on unbounded domains 1-gen-2009 Fermo, Luisa APPLIED NUMERICAL MATHEMATICS -
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