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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Biomass ash reutilisation as an additive in the composting process of organic fraction of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2017 Asquer, Carla; Cappai, GIOVANNA SALVATORICA; DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Muntoni, Aldo; Piredda, Martina; Spiga, Daniela WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Dynamic transformations of nitrogen during mechanical-biological pre-treatment of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2007 DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Muntoni, Aldo WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Effects of the flue gas treatment of incinerator plants on sub-micron particle concentrations at the stack 1-gen-2020 Stabile, L.; Scungio, M.; Frattolillo, A.; Buonanno, G. WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Energy recovery from one- and two-stage anaerobic digestion of food waste 1-gen-2017 DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Muntoni, Aldo; Polettini, A; Pomi, R; Spiga, Daniela WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Environmental life cycle assessment of polyhydroxyalkanoates production from cheese whey 1-gen-2021 Asunis, Fabiano; DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Francini, Giovanni; Lombardi, Lidia; Muntoni, Aldo; Polettini, Alessandra; Pomi, Raffaella; Rossi, Andreina; Spiga, Daniela WASTE MANAGEMENT -
An experimental study on fermentative H2 production from food waste as affected by pH 1-gen-2014 Cappai, GIOVANNA SALVATORICA; DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Friargiu, Marco; Massi, E.; Muntoni, Aldo; Polettini, A.; Pomi, R.; Spiga, Daniela WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Frequency domain electromagnetic induction imaging: an effective method to see inside a capped landfill 1-gen-2022 Deidda, GIAN PIERO; De Carlo, Lorenzo; Clementina Caputo, Maria; Cassiani, Giorgio WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Hydrogen and waste: Illusions, challenges and perspectives 1-gen-2014 Alibardi, L; Muntoni, Aldo; Polettini, A. WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Landfill gas generation after mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid waste. Estimation of gas generation rate constants 1-gen-2009 DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Muntoni, Aldo; Cappai, GIOVANNA SALVATORICA; Milia, Stefano WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Management of municipal solid waste incineration residues 1-gen-2003 Sabbas, T.; Polettini, A.; Pomi, R.; Astrup, T.; Hijelmar, O; Mostbauer, P.; Cappai, GIOVANNA SALVATORICA; Speiser, C.; HEUSS ASSBICHLER, S.; Klein, R.; Lechner, P. WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Organic waste biorefineries: looking towards implementation 1-gen-2020 Alibardi, Luca; Astrup, Thomas F.; Asunis, Fabiano; Clarke, William P.; DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Dessì, Paolo; Lens, Piet N. L.; Cristina Lavagnolo, Maria; Lombardi, Lidia; Muntoni, Aldo; Pivato, Alberto; Polettini, Alessandra; Pomi, Raffaella; Rossi, Andreina; Spagni, Alessandro; Spiga, Daniela WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Towards an improved understanding of the leaching behavior of MSWI residues—Report on the 2nd meeting of the IWWG pHOENIX working group on ‘‘Management of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Residues’’ 1-gen-2004 Astrup, T; Cappai, GIOVANNA SALVATORICA; Hjelmar, O; Kihl, A; Lechner, P; Mostbauer, P; Nyholm, M; Polettini, A; Pomi, R; VAN DER SLOOT H., A; VAN ZOMERENG, A. WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Two-phase anaerobic digestion within a solid waste/wastewater integrated management system 1-gen-2008 DE GIOANNIS, Giorgia; Diaz, L; Muntoni, Aldo; Pisanu, A. WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Washing of waste prior to landfilling 1-gen-2012 Cossu, R; Lai, Tiziana WASTE MANAGEMENT -
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 17 di 17
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