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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Complex formation equilibria of Cu(II) and Zn(II) with triethylenetetramine and its mono- and di-acetyl metabolites 1-gen-2013 Nurchi, VALERIA MARINA; Crisponi, Guido; Crespo Alonso, M; Lachowicz, JOANNA IZABELA; Szewczuk, Z; Cooper, Gjs DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Coordination chemistry of amino pendant arm derivatives of 1,4,7-triazacyclononane 1-gen-2004 Tei, Lorenzo; A., Bencini; A. J., Blake; Lippolis, Vito; A., Perra; B., Valtancoli; C., Wilson; M., Schrder DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Coordination chemistry of N-aminopropyl pendant arm derivatives of mixed N/S-, and N/S/O-donor macrocycles, and construction of selective fluorimetric chemosensors for heavy metal ions 1-gen-2005 Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Arca, Massimiliano; A., Bencini; A. J., Blake; Caltagirone, Claudia; A., Decortes; F., Demartin; F. A., Devillanova; E., Faggi; L. S., Dolci; A., Garau; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; L., Prodi; C., Wilson; B., Valtancoli; N., Zaccheroni DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
DFT calculations, structural, and spectroscopic studies on the products formed between IBr and N,N'-dimethylbenzoimidazole-2(3H)-thione and –2(3H)-selone 1-gen-2005 Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Arca, Massimiliano; F., Demartin; F. A., Devillanova; A., Garau; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; G., Verani DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Different emissive properties in dithiolate gold(I) complexes as a function of the presence of phenylene spacers 1-gen-2014 Monzittu F., M; Fernández Moreira, V; Lippolis, Vito; Arca, Massimiliano; Laguna, A; Gimeno, M. C. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Electrochromic Second-Order NLO Chromophores based on MII (M = Ni, Pd, Pt) Complexes with Diselenolato-Dithione (Donor-Acceptor) Ligands 1-gen-2012 D., Espa; Pilia, Luca; L., Marchiò; M., Pizzotti; N., Robertson; F., Tessore; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Encapsulation of metal cations and anions within the cavity of bis(1,4,7-triazacyclononane) receptors 1-gen-2006 C., Bazzicalupi; A., Bencini; E., Faggi; A., Garau; C., Giorgi; Lippolis, Vito; A., Perra; B., Valtancoli DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
First example of solid-state luminescent borasiloxane-based chiral helices assembled through N-B bonds 1-gen-2021 Podda, E.; Coles, S. J.; Horton, P. N.; Lickiss, P. D.; Bull, O. S.; Orton, J. B.; Pintus, A.; Pugh, D.; Carla Aragoni, M.; Davies, R. P. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Fluorescent asymmetric bis-ureas for pyrophosphate recognition in pure water 1-gen-2016 Casula, Arianna; Bazzicalupi, Carla; Bettoschi, Alexandre; Cadoni, Enzo; Coles, Simon J.; Horton, Peter N.; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Mapp, Lucy K.; Marini, Giada M.; Montis, Riccardo; Scorciapino, MARIANO ANDREA; Caltagirone, Claudia DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Glyphosate sensing in aqueous solutions by fluorescent zinc(ii) complexes of [9]aneN3-based receptors 1-gen-2022 Garau, A.; Picci, G.; Bencini, A.; Caltagirone, C.; Conti, L.; Lippolis, V.; Paoli, P.; Romano, G. M.; Rossi, P.; Scorciapino, M. A. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Gold oxidative dissolution by (thioamide)-I2 adducts 1-gen-2013 Isaia, Francesco; Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Arca, Massimiliano; Caltagirone, Claudia; Demartin, F; Garau, A; Lippolis, Vito DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Grafting of the 2,8-dithia-5-aza-2,6-pyridinophane macrocycle on SBA-15 mesoporous silica for the removal of Cu2+ and Cd2+ ions from aqueous solutions: synthesis, adsorption, and complex stability studies 1-gen-2022 Delpiano, Giulia Rossella; Garau, Alessandra; Lippolis, Vito; Lachowicz, Joanna Izabela; Salis, Andrea DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Halogen-bonding in a new family of tris(haloanilato)metallate(iii) magnetic molecular building blocks 1-gen-2014 Atzori, Matteo; Artizzu, Flavia; Sessini, Elisa; Marchio, L; Loche, Danilo; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola; Concas, Giorgio; Pop, F; Avarvari, N; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Halogenated isophthalamides and dipicolineamides: The role of the halogen substituents in the anion binding properties 1-gen-2020 Picci, G.; Bazzicalupi, C.; Coles, S. J.; Gratteri, P.; Isaia, F.; Lippolis, V.; Montis, R.; Murgia, S.; Nocentini, A.; Orton, J. B.; Caltagirone, C. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Heterometallic gold(I)–thallium(I) compounds with crown thioethers 1-gen-2013 Alexander J., Blake; Rocío, Donamaría; Eduardo J., Fernández; Tania, Lasanta; José M., López de Luzuriaga; Elena, Manso; Miguel, Monge; M., Elena Olmos; Lippolis, Vito DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Hydroxypyridinones with enhanced iron chelating properties. Synthesis, characterization and in vivo tests of 5-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)pyridine-4(1H)-one 1-gen-2016 Lachowicz, JOANNA IZABELA; Nurchi, VALERIA MARINA; Crisponi, Guido; Jaraquemada Pelaez, Mg; Arca, Massimiliano; Pintus, A; Santos, Ma; Quintanova, C; Gano, L; Szewczuk, Z; Zoroddu, Ma; Peana, M; Domínguez Martín, A; Choquesillo Lazarte, D. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Influence of the R-substituents on the Properties of [Ni(R2pipdt)(dmit)]. Complexes and Crystal Structure where R=CH2C6H5 1-gen-2007 Geary, Eam; Yellowlees, Lj; Parsons, S; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Pilia, Luca; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola; Clark, S; Robertson, N. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Innocence and noninnocence of the ligands in bis(pyrazine-2,3-dithiolate and -diselonate) d8-metal complexes. A theoretical and experimental study for the Cu(III), Au(III) and Ni(II) cases 1-gen-2010 G., Bruno; M., Almeida; Artizzu, Flavia; J. C., Dias; Mercuri, MARIA LAURA; Pilia, Luca; C., Rovira; X., Ribas; Serpe, Angela; Deplano, Paola DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
The interaction of aluminum with catecholamine-based neurotransmitters: Can the formation of these species be considered a potential risk factor for neurodegenerative diseases? 1-gen-2019 Dalla Torre, G.; Mujika, J. I.; Lachowicz, J. I.; Ramos, M.; Lopez, X. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
Investigation into the reactivity of the coordinatively unsaturated phosphonodithioato [Ni(MeOpdt)2] towards 1,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine: goals and achievements 1-gen-2007 Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Arca, Massimiliano; Devillanova, Fa; Hursthouse, Mb; Huth, Sl; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Mancini, Annalisa; Soddu, S; Verani, G. DALTON TRANSACTIONS -
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