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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
DFT and multinuclear magnetic resonance studies of diazenedicarboxylates and related compounds 1-gen-2009 Mocci, Francesca; Usai, Michele; Cerioni, Giovanni MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Diazo Compounds Stabilized by Keto and/or Sulfonyl Groups. A Comparative Study by 17O NMR Spectroscopy 1-gen-1993 Cerioni, Giovanni; N., Culeddu; A., Saba MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Dynamic NMR of low-sensitivity fast-relaxing nuclei: 17O NMR and DFT study of acetoxysilanes 1-gen-2012 Fusaro, L; Mameli, G; Mocci, Francesca; Luhmer, M; Cerioni, Giovanni MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Modifications of the 1H NMR metabolite profile of processed mullet (Mugil cephalus) roes under different storage conditions 1-gen-2012 Scano, Paola; Rosa, Antonella; Locci, Emanuela; Manzo, Giorgia; Dessì, M. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
NMR determination of site specific deuterium distribution in squalene from different sources 1-gen-2001 Deiana, Monica; Corongiu, Fp; Dessì, Ma; Scano, Paola; Casu, Mariano; Lai, A. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
NMR investigation of the intramolecular distribution of deuterium in natural triacylglycerols 1-gen-1995 A., Lai; Casu, Mariano; G., Saba; F. P., Corongiu; M. A., Dessi MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
NMR lipid profiles of cells, tissues and body fluids. I-1D and 2D proton NMR of lipids from rat liver 1-gen-1991 Casu, Mariano; G. J., Anderson; G. CHOI AND W. A., Gibbons MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Evidence for radiation Damage of Saturated Phosphatidylcholine in Bilayers 1-gen-1992 Casu, Mariano; A., Lai; G., Erriu; S., Onnis; N., Zucca MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Oxygen-17 and Carbon-13 NMR Studies of Diarylketenes 1-gen-1995 Cerioni, Giovanni; A., Plumitallo; J., Frey; Z., Rappoport MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Oxygen-17 NMR Studies of N-Nitrosamines 1-gen-1994 Cerioni, Giovanni; A. G., Giumanini; G., Verardo; H., Dahn MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Prediction of physical–chemical properties of crude oils by 1H NMR analysis of neat samples and chemometrics 1-gen-2012 A., Masili; S., Puligheddu; L., Sassu; Scano, Paola; A., Lai MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Structure elucidation and antibacterial activity of a new coumarinnolignoid from Daphne gnidium L 1-gen-2002 Cottiglia, Filippo; L., Bonsignore; G., Loy; D., Garau; Floris, Costantino; Casu, Mariano MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Synthesis and complete assignment of the 1H and 13C NMR signals of some oxopyrancoumarin and oxofuropyrancoumarin derivatives 1-gen-2008 Quezada, E; Delogu, GIOVANNA LUCIA; Vina, D; Santana, L; Picciau, MARIA CARMEN; Podda, G; Uriarte, E. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
Torsion angle relationship of the (17)O NMR chemical shift in alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds 1-gen-2009 Mocci, Francesca MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY -
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