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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Safety-oriented Testing for High-speed Rail Onboard Equipment Using Petri Nets 1-gen-2023 Li, Y.; Tong, Y.; Demuro, M.; Giua, A. - -
Semantic web-based sentiment analysis 1-gen-2014 REFORGIATO RECUPERO, DIEGO ANGELO GAETANO; Sergio, Consoli; Aldo, Gangemi; Andrea, Giovanni Nuzzolese; Valentina, Presutti; Daria, Spampinato - -
A skeleton/cage hybrid paradigm for digital animation 1-gen-2017 Corda, F. - CEUR-WS
Smart building energy and comfort management based on sensor activity recognition and prediction 1-gen-2020 Marcello, F.; Pilloni, V. - -
Smart contracts categorization with topic modeling techniques 1-gen-2021 Ibba, Giacomo; Ortu, Marco; Tonelli, Roberto - -
SnAIR drum: A gesture interface for rhythm practice 1-gen-2017 Cau, Federico; Carcangiu, Alessandro; Sorrentino, Fabio; Spano, LUCIO DAVIDE - CEUR-WS
Software engineering for DApp smart contracts managing workers Contracts 1-gen-2020 Lallai, Giorgia; Marchesi, Michele; Pinna, Andrea; Tonelli, Roberto - -
Steps towards a dislocation ontology for crystalline materials 1-gen-2021 Ahmad Zainul Ihsan, ; Dessi', Danilo; Mehwish, Alam; Harald, Sack; Stefan, Sandfeld - CEUR-WS
Supervised Topic-Based Message Polarity Classification using Cognitive Computing 1-gen-2018 Ibba, Federico; Ferru, Stefano; REFORGIATO RECUPERO, DIEGO ANGELO GAETANO - -
A Targeted Assessment of Cross-Site Scripting Detection Tools 1-gen-2023 Pala, Bruno; Pisu, Lorenzo; Sanna, SILVIA LUCIA; Maiorca, Davide; Giacinto, Giorgio - -
TF-IDF vs word embeddings for morbidity identification in clinical notes: An initial study 1-gen-2020 Dessi, D.; Helaoui, R.; Kumar, V.; Reforgiato Recupero, D.; Riboni, D. - CEUR-WS
The PRA and AmILAB at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Flickr Annotation Task 1-gen-2012 Piras, Luca; Tronci, Roberto; Murgia, G; Giacinto, Giorgio - -
Towards a representation of temporal data in archival records: Use cases and requirements 1-gen-2021 Bruns, Oleksandra; Tietz, Tabea; Vafaie, Mahsa; Dessi, Danilo; Sack, Harald - CEUR-WS
Towards emergency vehicle routing using Geolinked Open Data: the case study of the Municipality of Catania 1-gen-2014 Consoli, S; Gangemi, A.; Nuzzolese, A. G; Peroni, S.; Presutti, V.; REFORGIATO RECUPERO, DIEGO ANGELO GAETANO; Spampinato, D. - -
Towards Explainable Educational Recommendation through Path Reasoning Methods 1-gen-2023 Afreen, N.; Balloccu, G.; Boratto, L.; Fenu, G.; Marras, M. - CEUR-WS
Understanding class representations: An intrinsic evaluation of zero-shot text classification 1-gen-2021 Hoppe, F.; Dessi, Danilo.; Sack, H. - CEUR-WS
Understanding each-other: Engineering challenges and opportunities for users and systems in the deep learning era 1-gen-2019 Spano, L. D. - CEUR-WS
An unifying framework for compacting Petri nets behaviors 1-gen-2016 Casu, Giovanni; Pinna, GIOVANNI MICHELE - CEUR
User-friendly query interfaces for the HOPE project 1-gen-2021 Marcia, D.; Sanguinetti, M.; Atzori, M. - CEUR-WS
Video action recognition and prediction architecture for a robotic coach 1-gen-2020 Nino, Cauli; Diego, Reforgiato - -
Mostrati risultati da 90 a 109 di 112
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