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Nome #
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An optimized infrastructure for deferred telemonitoring of home rehabilitation in chronic rheumatic patients, file e2f56ed3-b0f3-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
CD8+T-cell mediated self-reactivity in HLA-B27 context as a consequence of dual peptide conformation, file e2f56ed3-b672-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Increased level of HLA-B27 expression in ankylosing spondylitis patients compared with healthy HLA-B27-positive subjects: a possible further susceptibility factor for the development of disease, file e2f56ed3-b78d-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Systemic lupus erythematosus in Europe at the change of the millennium: lessons from the "Euro-Lupus Project", file e2f56ed3-bc14-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Hemarthrosis as acute presentation of acquired hemophilia in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: successful treatment and long-lasting remission, file e2f56ed3-bff2-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Association of MICA alleles with psoriatic arthritis and its clinical forms. A multicenter Italian study, file e2f56ed3-c06e-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Primary antiphospholipid syndrome with mesenteric venous thrombosis presenting with intestinal infarction: a case description, file e2f56ed3-c4da-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Power Doppler ultrasonographic evaluation of enthesitis in psoriatic arthritis. A multi-center study, file e2f56ed3-c6ec-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis but not disease outcome is influenced by the level of HLA-B27 expression, which shows moderate variability over time, file e2f56ed3-d630-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
An Integrated Portable Device for the Hand Functional Assessment in the Clinical Practice, file e2f56ed4-c815-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Clinical profile and direct medical cost of care of adults presenting with systemic lupus erythematosus in Italy, file e2f56ed5-0270-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Identification of previously unrecognized predisposing factors for ankylosing spondylitis from analysis of HLA-B27 extended haplotypes in Sardinia, file e2f56ed5-61b5-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
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Global microRNA profiling of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in patients with Behçet's disease, file e2f56ed6-2822-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
Two different clinical subsets of lupus hepatitis exist. Mimicking primary autoimmune liver diseases or part of their spectrum?, file e2f56ed6-694c-3eaf-e053-3a05fe0a5d97 1
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