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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
War and Decarbonisation: EU-Russia Energy Relations in Crisis 1-gen-2022 Siddi, Marco - ISPI
Germany’s role in European Russia policy: a new German power? 1-gen-2022 Siddi, Marco GERMAN POLITICS -
The partnership that failed: EU-Russia relations and the war in Ukraine 1-gen-2022 Siddi, Marco JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION -
Differentiated Cooperation in the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy: Effectiveness, Accountability, Legitimacy 1-gen-2022 Siddi, Marco; Karjalainen, Tyyne; Jokela, Juha THE INTERNATIONAL SPECTATOR -
A socio-technical lens on security in sustainability transitions: future expectations for positive and negative security 1-gen-2022 Siddi, Marco; Kivimaa, Paula; Hakala, Emma; Brisbois, Marie Claire; Jayaram, Dhanasree FUTURES -
What’s in a name? Gender equality and the European Conservatives and Reformists’ group in the European Parliament 1-gen-2022 Gaweda, Barbara; Siddi, Marco; Miller, Cherry PARTY POLITICS -
The EU’s energy relationship with Russia: between resilience and engagement 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco - Brill Publishers
Lead groups in EU foreign policy: the cases of Iran and Ukraine 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Alcaro, Riccardo EUROPEAN REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES -
A Green Revolution? A tentative assessment of the European Green Deal [Зеленая революция? Предварительная оценка «Зеленой сделки» ЕС] 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco VESTNIK MEŽDUNARODNYH ORGANIZACIJ: OBRAZOVANIE, NAUKA, NOVAÂ ÈKONOMIKA -
From a liberal to a strategic actor: the evolution of the EU’s approach to international energy governance 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Kustova, Irina JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PUBLIC POLICY -
Coping with turbulence: EU negotiations on the 2030 and 2050 climate targets 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE -
Differentiation and the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Karjalainen, Tyyne; Jokela, Juha - -
The geopolitics of the energy transition: Global issues and European policies driving the development of renewable energy 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco - -
Leadership and Partnerships for the European Green Deal: EU Relations with (Re)Emerging Economies 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Reiners, Wulf; Helwig, Niklas; Grimm, Sven L'EUROPE EN FORMATION -
Russia meets climate change: the domestic politicization of environmental issues and external pressure to decarbonize 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Lassila, Jussi - Finnish Institute of International Affairs
The global dimension of the European Green Deal: the EU as a Green Leader? 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Grimm, Sven; Reiners, Wulf; Helwig, Niklas; Mourier, Louis - -
The EU and China in Central Asian energy geopolitics 1-gen-2021 Siddi, Marco; Kaczmarski, Marcin - Routledge
2020 als Stresstest für die Europäische Union: Herausforderungen in Zeiten der COVID-19-Pandemie 1-gen-2021 Meißner, Vittoria; Jokela, Juha; Tekin, Funda; Helwig, Niklas; Siddi, Marco; Karjalainen, Tyyne INTEGRATION -
The Mediterranean dimension of West-Russia security relations 1-gen-2020 Siddi, Marco - Palgrave Macmillan
A contested hegemon? Germany’s leadership in EU relations with Russia 1-gen-2020 Siddi, Marco GERMAN POLITICS -
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