Il linguaggio fuori di sé: macchine di Turing e media elettrici. Alle origini dell’idea di mente estesa

Elisabetta Gola

The perception of what is inside us and what is outside us has been redefined many times in the course of evolution. In this text we aim to retrace some of the steps along the path that led to the formulation of the idea of the extended mind and the outcomes with respect to the role of language. This path will take us to the origins of the concept of the extended mind, and we will observe the transition from a conception of the mental conceived as within a body-container to the idea of a distributed mental system following three perspective that are neighboring fields: computer science, sociology of media, philosophy of language and of mind. The goal is to show on the one hand the continuity and non-contradiction between Turing’s hypothesis and the extended mind models, and on the other hand the productivity of the metaphor that considers the mind as a computer, which needs to be updated.
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