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EU - Europa 247713
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AS - Asia 1127
SA - Sud America 21
OC - Oceania 8
AF - Africa 7
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 6
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IT - Italia 243004
US - Stati Uniti d'America 10835
DE - Germania 1760
UA - Ucraina 1090
CN - Cina 897
SE - Svezia 761
GB - Regno Unito 292
RU - Federazione Russa 285
FI - Finlandia 267
FR - Francia 103
CA - Canada 59
BE - Belgio 50
IN - India 42
VN - Vietnam 42
JP - Giappone 30
IR - Iran 29
NL - Olanda 17
BR - Brasile 16
KR - Corea 14
CH - Svizzera 13
TR - Turchia 13
RS - Serbia 9
TH - Thailandia 9
ES - Italia 8
IL - Israele 8
MX - Messico 8
ID - Indonesia 7
AU - Australia 6
BG - Bulgaria 6
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
EU - Europa 6
IE - Irlanda 6
PT - Portogallo 6
RO - Romania 6
HK - Hong Kong 5
HR - Croazia 5
KZ - Kazakistan 4
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 3
AT - Austria 3
GR - Grecia 3
NO - Norvegia 3
PH - Filippine 3
VE - Venezuela 3
CL - Cile 2
DZ - Algeria 2
GE - Georgia 2
JO - Giordania 2
MN - Mongolia 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
PK - Pakistan 2
PL - Polonia 2
TW - Taiwan 2
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BH - Bahrain 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
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DO - Repubblica Dominicana 1
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KH - Cambogia 1
LK - Sri Lanka 1
LV - Lettonia 1
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Indiana 13
Kunming 13
Los Angeles 13
Hangzhou 12
Lausanne 10
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Islington 8
Assèmini 7
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Millbury 7
Mumbai 7
Ottawa 7
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Carbonia 6
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Munich 6
Oristano 6
Phoenix 6
Southend 6
Xian 6
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San Mateo 5
Shanghai 5
Bagno A Ripoli 4
Cedar Knolls 4
Chicago 4
Marmara 4
Monserrato 4
Moscow 4
Nürnberg 4
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Sacramento 4
Simi Valley 4
Trebaseleghe 4
Truccazzano 4
Wako 4
Zagreb 4
Akita 3
Almaty 3
Bangkok 3
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Nome #
Dose-dependent effects of L-Arginine on PROP bitterness intensity and latency and characteristics of the chemical interaction between PROP and L-Arginine 4983
Solvatochromic fluorescent BODIPY derivative as imaging agent in camptothecin loaded hexosomes for possible theranostic applications 4765
Oxamate salts as novel agents for the restoration of marble and limestone substrates: case study of ammonium N-phenyloxamate 4503
Zinc(II)-methimazole complexes: synthesis and reactivity 4354
Synthesis, characterization and DFT-modeling of novel agents for the protection and restoration of historical calcareous stone substrates 4088
Marked increase in PROP taste responsiveness following oral supplementation with selected salivary proteins or their related free amino acids 3859
Structure-Activity Relationships in Cytotoxic AuI/AuIII Complexes Derived from 2-(2′-Pyridyl)benzimidazole 3799
Reactivity of the drug methimazole and its iodine adduct with elemental zinc 3658
New PtII diimine-dithiolate complexes containing a 1,2-dithiolate-1,2-closo-dicarbadodecarborane: an experimental and theoretical investigation 3623
On the role of Chalcogen Donor atoms in Diimine-Dichalcogenolate Pt(II) SONLO chromophores: is it worth replacing sulfur with selenium? 3547
Coordination polymers and polygons using di-pyridyl-thiadiazole spacers and substituted phosphorodithioato NiII complexes: potential and limitations for inorganic crystal engineering 3458
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Inorganic Salts as Protection and Consolidation Agents of Stone Substrates: an Experimental and Theoretical Study 3400
Stereospecific Generation of Homochiral Helices in Coordination Polymers Built from Enantiopure Binaphthyl-Based Ligands 3386
Design, synthesis, and quantum-mechanical modeling of inorganic salts as protection and consolidation agents of stone substrates 3298
From (phenylsulfanyl)cycloalkanecarbaldehydes to optically active spirocyclic tetrahydrofurans: stereospecific resolution of symmetric aldehydes through (S)-proline-catalysed aldol reaction 3278
Synthesis and characterization of novel inorganic salts as protection and consolidation agents of stone substrates: an experimental and theoretical study 3247
[Au(pyb-H)(mnt)]: A novel gold(III) 1,2-dithiolene cyclometalated complex with antimicrobial activity (pyb-H = C-deprotonated 2-benzylpyridine; mnt = 1,2-dicyanoethene-1,2-dithiolate) 3199
Structural tailoring of the NIR-absorption of bis(1,2-dichalcogenolene) Ni/Pt electrochromophores deriving from 1,3-dimethyl-2-chalcogenoxo-imidazoline-4,5-dichalcogenolates 3191
Hydroxypyridinones with enhanced iron chelating properties. Synthesis, characterization and in vivo tests of 5-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)pyridine-4(1H)-one 3162
Coordination polymers based on dithiophosphato/dithiophosphonato nickel complexes and linear 1,4-di(3-pyridyl)buta-1,3-diyne ligand 3147
A new bis-3-hydroxy-4-pyrone as a potential therapeutic iron chelating agent. Effect of connecting and side chains on the complex structures and metal ion selectivity 3139
A fluorescent ratiometric nanosized system for the determination of PdII in water 3133
Gold and palladium oxidation/complexation in water by a thioamide–iodine leaching system 3028
Zn+2/Cd+2 optical discrimination by fluorescent chemosensors based on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives and sulfur-containing macrocyclic units 3026
Effect of chemical interaction between oleic acid and L-Arginine on oral perception, as a function of polymorphisms of CD36 and OBPIIa and genetic ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil 2990
Acid-catalyzed reaction of 2-hydroxycyclobutanone with benzylic alcohols 2990
Tetrazole Amides as Hydrogen-Bonding Donor Catalysts in the Chemoselective Oxidation of Sulphides and Disulphides 2986
New PtII diimine-dithiolate complexes containing an experimental and theoretical investigation 2980
Density Functional Theory modelling of protection agents for carbonate stones: case study of oxalate and oxamate inorganic salts 2865
Zn2+/Cd2+ optical discrimination by fluorescent acridine-based bis-macrocylic receptors 2761
Hydrogen- and halogen-bond cooperativity in determining the crystal packing of dihalogen Charge-Transfer adducts: a study case from heterocyclic pentatomic chalcogenone donors 2755
Structural diversity in the products formed by the reactions of 2-arylselanyl pyridine derivatives and dihalogens 2729
null 2715
Synthesis of 2,2-bis(pyridin-2-yl amino)cyclobutanols and their conversion into 5-(pyridin-2-ylamino)dihydrofuran-2(3: H)-ones 2696
Structural Features in A-B-C Fragments (A, B, C = halogen and chalcogen atoms): “Halogen-Bonding” vs. “Chalcogen-Bonding 2658
New aminotetrazole derivatives as hydrogen bonding catalysts. A green and selective oxidation of organosulphides with H2O2 in H2O 2609
Structural Diversity on a New Series of Halogenated Quinolyl Salicylaldimides-Based FeIII Complexes Showing Solid-State Halogen-Bonding/Halogen⋯Halogen Interactions 2587
Reaction of imidazoline-2-selone derivatives with mesityltellurenyl iodide: a unique example of a 3c-4e Se→Te←Se three-body system embedding a tellurenyl cation 2532
Searching for new aluminium chelating agents: a family of hydroxypyrone ligands 2458
1,4-Bis(2'-pyridylethynyl)benzene as a ligand in heteronuclear gold–thallium complexes. Influence of the ancillary ligands on their optical properties 2454
Structural Features in A-B-C Fragments (A,B,C = Halogen and Chalcogens Atoms): "Halogen Bonding" vs. "Chalcoogen Bonding" 2438
Bis(2-methylpyridyl)alkyl(thioalkyl)diamines as promising scaffolds for the construction of fluorescent and redox chemosensors for transition and post-transition metal ions 2411
CdII/ZnII discrimination by 2,5-diphenyl[1,3,4]oxadiazole based fluorescent chemosensors 2389
null 2367
Cationic and Anionic 1-D Chains Based on NH+···N Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds in Bipyridyl Derivatives and Polyiodides 2320
Oxalate and oxamate derivatives: novel synthetic strategies in the design of materials for the restoration of marble and biomicrite limestone substrates 2318
null 2289
Gold oxidative dissolution by (thioamide)-I2 adducts 2263
Photoconducting Devices with Response in the Visible-Near-Infrared Region Based on Neutral Ni Complexes of Aryl-1,2-dithiolene Ligands 2252
Formation of T-Shaped versus Charge-Transfer Molecular Adducts in the Reactions Between Bis(thiocarbonyl) Donors and Br2 and I2 2251
Colorimetric response to anions by a "robust" copper(II) complex of a [9]aneN3 pendant arm derivative: CN- and I- selective sensing 2222
Reactivity of fluoro-substituted bis(thiocarbonyl) donors with diiodine: an XRD, FT-Raman, and DFT Investigation 2179
Synthesis of thiol esters using PhSZnBr as sulfenylating agent: a DFT guided optimization of the reaction conditions 2138
Bond analysis in dihalogen–halide and dihalogen– dimethylchalcogenide systems 2045
1,2-Dichalcogenolene Ligands and Related Metal Complexes 2041
Bonding analysis in Homo- and Hetero-Trihalides Species: a charge displacement study 2040
Atom efficient preparation of zinc selenates for the synthesis of selenoesters under “On Water” conditions 1982
Oxidative properties of iodine-adducts of propylthiouracil and methimazole: direct synthesis of mercury(II) complexes from the reaction with liquid mercury 1939
New Variations on the Theme of Gold(III) C^N^N Cyclometalated Complexes as Anticancer Agents: Synthesis and Biological Characterization 1871
A selective, nontoxic, OFF-ON fluorescent molecular sensor based on 8-hydroxyquinoline for probing Cd2+ in living cells 1869
Kojic acid derivatives as powerful chelators for iron(III) and aluminium(III) 1866
Recent advances of structural chemistry of organoselenium and organotellurium compounds’ 1862
Antibacterial Activity of Amidodithiophosphonato Nickel(II) Complexes: An Experimental and Theoretical Approach 1823
Structure-property relationships in PtII diimine-dithiolate nonlinear optical chromophores based on aryl-ethylene-1,2-dithiolate and 2-thioxothiazoline-4,5-dithiolate. 1801
Oxidant/Complexing Properties of the Methimazole (MeImHS)/Iodine System Towards Palladium and Gold Metals. Crystal structure of the complex cation [PdII(MeImHS)4]2+ balanced by a tetraiodide/iodide mixture 1766
Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties: An Insight into the Electronic Properties of bis(Pyren-1-yl-ethylene-1,2- dithiolato)Gold (III) 1664
Iodo(trisyl)sulfane: Reactivity of a Stable Alkanesulfenyl Iodide towards Antithyroid Drugs 1627
Metal oxidative dissolution by (S-donor)-I2 adducts 1544
Supramolecular assemblies tailored by dipyridyl-1,2-4-thiadiazoles: influence of the building blocks in the predictability of the final network 1497
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties 1484
Gold Thione Complexes 1463
New group 11 complexes with metal–selenium bonds of methyldiphenylphosphane selenide: a solid state, solution and theorethical investigation 1413
A unique case of oxidative addition of interhalogens IX (X=Cl, Br) to organodiselone ligands: nature of the chemical bonding in asymmetric I-Se-X polarised hypervalent systems 1410
First Example of 1:1 Vanadium (IV)-Citrate Complex Featuring 2,2'-Bipyridine Co-ligand: Synthesis, X-Ray Crystal Structure and DFT Calculations 1387
Different emissive properties in dithiolate gold(I) complexes as a function of the presence of phenylene spacers 1376
Organoselenium(II) halides containing the pincer 2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H3 ligand – an experimental and theoretical investigation 1348
Aza- and Mixed Thia/Aza-Macrocyclic Receptors with Quinoline-Bearing Pendant Arms for Optical Discrimination of Zinc(II) or Cadmium(II) Ions 1239
Fast and easy conversion of ortho amidoaryldiselenides into the corresponding ebselen-like derivatives driven by theoretical investigations 1227
Adducts of S/Se donors with dihalogens as a source of information for categorizing the halogen bonding. 1182
Structural, Theoretical and Spectroscopic Characterisation of a Series of Novel Gold(I)-Norbornene Complexes Supported by Phenanthrolines: Effects of the Supporting Ligand 1051
Structural and DFT studies of dibromine and diiodine adducts of a sulfur-rich thiocarbonyl donor 993
Interaction of Methimazole with I2: X-ray Crystal Structure of the Charge Transfer Complex Methimazole-I2. Implications for the Mechanism of Action of Methimazole-Based Antithyroid Drugs 972
Stabilization of caesium ions by simple organic molecules: crystal structures of Cs(OXL) (OXL = oxalurate anion), and CsOH/cyanuric acid co-crystal Cs3(CYH3)4(OH)3 (CYH3 = cyanuric acid) 954
Reactivity of phosphonodithioato-dppt NiII mixed ligand complexes with halogens: first example of a metal-coordinating tribromide anion 940
N2S2 pyridinophane-based fluorescent chemosensors for selective optical detection of Cd2+ in soils 937
Molecular Iodine Stabilization in an Extended N center dot center dot center dot I-I center dot center dot center dot N Assembly 913
CT-adduct vs. pyridinium polyhalide salt formation in the reactions between polypyridyl donors and dihalogens: reactivity of 1,4-di-(3'-pyridylethynyl)benzene towards Br2 and I2” 869
Interaction of mixed-donor macrocycles containing the 1,10-phenanthroline sub-unit with selected transition and post-transition metal ions: metal ion recognition in competitive liquid-liquid solvent extraction of Cu(II), Zn(II), Pb(II), Cd(II), Ag(I), and Hg(II) 839
Diradical Character of Neutral Heteroleptic Bis(1,2-dithiolene) Metal Complexes: Case Study of [Pd(Me2timdt)(mnt)] (Me2timdt = 1,3-Dimethyl-2,4,5-trithioxoimidazolidine; mnt2-= 1,2-Dicyano-1,2-ethylenedithiolate) 839
Synthesis and coordination properties of quinoline pendant arm derivatives of [9]aneN3 and [9]aneN2S as fluorescent Zinc sensors 827
C.T.-Adducts of S/Se donors with di-halogens as a source of information of the nature of the halogen bonding 802
Reactions of Halogens/Interhalogens with polypyridyl substrates: The case of 2,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine 800
Investigation on the reactivity of dithiophosphonato/dithiophosphato NiII complexes towards 2,4,6-tris-2-pyridyl-1,3,5-triazine: developments and new perspectives 771
First example of a near-IR photodetector based on neutral [M(R-dmet)2] bis(1,2-dithiolene) metal complexes 755
Reactions of pyridyl donors with halogens and interhalogens: an X-ray diffraction and FT-Raman investigation 729
Predictable and unpredictable reactions between 4,4′-dipyridyldisulfide and phosphonodithioato/dithiophosphato NiII complexes: novel coordination polymers and the unique example of 4,4′-dipyridyltrisulfide 724
Reactions Between Chalcogen Donors and Dihalogens/Interalogens: Typology of Products and Their Characterization by FT-Raman Spectroscopy 719
New Fluorescent Chemosensors for Heavy Metal Ions Based on Functionalized Pendant Arm Derivatives of 7-Anthracenylmethyl-1,4,10-trioxa-7,13-diazacyclopentadecane 708
[Au2(phen2Me)2(μ-O)2](PF6)2, a Novel Dinuclear Gold(III) Complex Showing Excellent Antiproliferative Properties 696
Elemental mercury oxidative dissolution by I2-adducts of methimazole and prophylthiouracil 687
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